Nuclear fusion, in physics, is a process in which two or more atomic nuclei come close enough to form one heavier atomic nucleus. In communication, fusion is also a process in which more representatives of civil society organisations are merging to form a quality communication nucleus of civil society. It is accompanied by sharing experiences and connecting ideas in a unique, future work frame, which depends on the motivation and commitment of the work of civil society organisations (CSOs).


The Media Clientelism Index (MCI), the first cross-country comparative and country-specific report on the state of media clientelism and politicization based on empirical data, was presented today in Brussels. Experimental research, i.e. the ground zero measuring of the Index, was conducted in six countries of South East Europe: Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Republic of Croatia, FYR Macedonia, Montenegro, the Republic of Serbia, and Romania.


In order to sustain the outputs and outcomes generated by the TACSO Project as well as the Project's functions, an open call was issued at the end of March 2014 for national Resource Centres (RC) - Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in the region. Since the partnerships began between the national TACSO offices and the RCs, the intention has been to gradually handover TACSO's functions to the RCs while also strengthening the organisations' capacities and providing support in improving their delivery of services to CSOs. 


TASCO BIH in cooperation with TASCO by VESTA in the period October - December 2015, realised serial of one day training/consultations for a total of 26 CSOs in the area of „Organizational development with focus on accountability and transparency”. Purpose of the capacity building intervention was to strengthen organizational development of each particular participating CSO, in order to ensure sharing of joint experience in mastering and understanding of concepts, gaining practical skills in developing training outputs applicable for their own organizational model of the work.



The TACSO BiH office organised a training programme on Project Cycle Management implemented by TACSO by VESTA as a direct response to the needs assessment of civil society in BiH. According to the findings of the needs assessment of NGOs in BiH for the period 2013-2015, the work plan of TACSO BiH for 2015, and the systematization of the most common questions received by the TACSO BiH Help desk, it was found that a large number of organisations operating in smaller communities have very limited access to technical assistance, as well as a lack of knowledge and skills to successfully manage projects based on EU applications with a focus on the logical framework and budget.


Thanks to the "EU and YOU" initiative of the Office of the EU Special Representative, 17 students from Bosnia and Herzegovina travel to Brussels on Monday, June 15, 2015. Students from the University of Mostar, University of Bihac, University of Banja Luka, University Džemal Bijedić in Mostar, University of Sarajevo, University of Tuzla, University of Zenica, University of East Sarajevo with the Medical Faculty of Foča, the University Centre in Bijeljina, the Faculty of Economics Brčko and International Burch University are the winners of the EU Debate Competition held in Sarajevo, on June 3-4, 2015.


Thanks to the "EU and YOU" initiative of the Office of the EU Special Representative, in the last four months more than 500 undergraduate students from across Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) visited the EU HQ in Sarajevo and discussed the EU perspective of BiH with the EU officials, asked numerous questions and explored greater involvement in the European integration process.