Tuzla: Panel discussion held on corruption in higher education

Vesta Association and the Association of Students of Tuzla University's Faculty of Law organized on Tuesday 17. April 2012, a panel discussion on the theme ˝Forms of corruption in higher education ˝. The objective of this workshop was to share with students the key information about corruption, its causes and consequences for the society's development, with focus on corruption in higher education.


On producing of the program of anticorruption measures and combatting corruption at Universities

At the Faculty of Law of Tuzla University, the first anticorruption workshop was held on Friday 23 March 2012. This was the first of the planned ten workshops at Tuzla University. Anticorruption workshops are being held as part of the project „Introducing anticorruption measures at universities in BiH“, which is being implemented by Vesta Association in partnership with OKC Banja Luka. The purpose of the workshop was to present to students the basic information about corruption, from legal and economic perspective, its causes and consequences, harm that corruption causes to development of a society, and all this with focus on corruption in higher education.


Within the project „Introducing anticorruption measures at universities in BiH“, which is being implemented by VESTA Association from Tuzla in partnership with Omladinski komunikativni centar from Banja Luka, during the last month a series of seven workshops was held with students and representatives of students' organisations, on theme of corruption at the University. By the end of April three more workshops are expected to take place, of which one will be with the teaching and administrative staff of the University.


Presentation and panel discussion on European initiatives for development of rural communities, organised by the Vesta Association, was held on 5. April 2012 in the municipality of Gradacac. This panel discussion was held in order to contribute to better knowledge and understanding of the European Union (EU), its policies and programs on rural development as well as benefits for candidate and potential candidate countries and EU member states. Information on the LEADER program and establishing of mechanisms for exchange of information re implementing it in BiH presented too.


Tuzla Municipality and Vesta Association hosted at the Ismet Mujezinović Attelier a promotion of the book ˝Worlds apart, Bosnian lessons for the global security ˝ by the author, former USA Ambassador to BiH, Swanee Hunt. Many visitors, who decided to spend their Sunday afternoon at the Attelier, learned more about the part of this book that talks about the well intended foreign policy establishment that often does not hear the voices of common people. It is focused on the conflict in Bosnia, as well as its implications on each situation that calls for consideration of a military intervention on humanitarian basis.


The training on „Public advocacy and online media“, organised by Vesta Association and portal TIP.ba took place in Tuzla, involving 6 online media from Bijeljina, Zvornik, Lukavac Gradačac, Gračanica and Brčko District BiH. The objective of this project is to contribute to further professional orientation of online media and their promoting in the community, so that it can lead to an increased number of their readers in the forthcoming period, thereby contributing to addressing of citizens' problems in each of the selected municipalities.


Presentation and a panel discussion on European initiatives for development of rural communities took place in Živinice municipality on 22 March 2012. It was organised by Vesta Association. Its objective was to contribute to a better understanding of the EU, its policies and programs of rural development, as well as benefits from those programs for the candidate and potential candidate countries of the EU. Also discussion was the information on the possibilities to prepare for the LEADER program, and possibilities to establish a mechanism for continued exchange of information and a dialogue on the possibilities for application of such as approacj in BiH.