Promoting activities on the web platform ''Citizens for Europe''

Promote activities in the sector "Energy and Environment ", "Agriculture and Rural Development" and "Labour and Employment "

Vesta Association has, upon completion of the second phase of the Initiative "Citizens for Europe", continued to manage and use the existing web platform, adding relevant current information related, in most part, to the three sectors which were in focus during implementation of last year's project activities. These sectors are: "Energy and Environment ", "Agriculture and Rural Development ", and "Labour and Employment".

We are inviting you to use the capacities of this web site and share with us up to date information and activities of your organisation/association. We will be pleased to publish information about projects that you are currently implementing, and which are related to promoting and development in the three said sectors in BiH, on our joint path toward the EU. We would like to promote actions of valuable members of the Initiative „Citizens for Europe“ using the existing web plafform.

We are looking forward to this exchange of information, aimed at promoting joint efforts, mutual better understanding and mutual support in our future work. Should you need further information or have any questions, please contact:,, or contact us by phone at 035 363 691.