Photo: Development processes and the role of rural woman

The seminar organised in Sarajevo, by the Association Vesta

The Seminar 'Development processes and the role of rural woman', was held on 5-6 September 2012 in Sarajevo and organised by the Association Vesta with support of the FBiH Gender Centre , as part of the project 'Socio-economic strengthening of the position of rural women through active participation in the local development plans' , and with financial support of the Special Fund of the US Government aimed at strengthening the position of women, of the US Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The seminar convened the representatives of the Services/ Departments for rural development from 10 municipalities of the FBiH.

Results of the Research of the status, needs and potential for improvement of the situation of rural woman'  carried out in 17 municipalities of the FBiH were presented at the seminar, together with the documentary 'For better tomorrow of rural women', which shows and promotes good practices in this domain.