Celebrating the Children's Week - Association Vesta organised gathering with children and youth in the Town Centre

On Friday 5 October, as part of the efforts to mark the Children's Week (1-7 October 2012), Association Vesta Tuzla organised 2-hour-long get-together with children and youth of Tuzla in the Town Centre. The event was aimed at highlighting the position and rights of children in BiH, with specific focus on the issue of violence against children.

'Through these events, we wish to remind all the relevant stakeholders, as well as the general public that, according to the official data obtained from the state Ministry for Human Rights and Refugees, by the end of 2010, 5.087 cases of violence against children were registered in BiH! At the same time, it is believed that many more children continue to suffer in silence', said Ms. Dragana Bulic of the Association Vesta.

The gathering offered a very interesting programme with a range of creative and fun activities including face painting, music and dance, group hand painting on extra-large canvas, fun with the clown /actors of Tuzla National Theatre, distribution of balloons, sweets and educational pamphlets and other educational and enjoyable activities for children, parents, passers-by . The event was realised in cooperation with Association Vive Zene, Revolt and Zemlja djece/TC Telex, Tuzla.