Photo: October the 15th, International Day of Rural Women, marked in Tuzla

In view of marking 15 October, the International Day of Rural Women and to draw attention to ever deteriorating position of the rural women in BiH, Association Vesta organised distribution of educational pamphlets to citizens, in the Tuzla town centre. Distribution of the pamphlets was done by the volunteers, engaged at Vesta through the Mostar's United World College educational programme. Vesta Radio broadcasted an informative/educational radio feature entitled 'For better tomorrow of the rural women'.

In view of marking the 15 October, the International Day of Rural Women, Association Vesta from Tuzla appeals to state, entity and local authorities/ decision makers to systematically approach elimination of stereotypes and limitations which are the basis of inequality in relation to the role, status and position of rural women in political, socio-economic and cultural sense.