Director of Vesta Association met with Ambassador Melanne Verveer

At the invitation of the Public Relations Unit of the US Embassy to BiH, Director of Vesta Association, Amra Selesković, attended on Sunday, 23 October 2011, a meeting with the high level Ambassafor for Global Issues of Women, Melanne Verveer. Ambassador Verveer met with the receipients of financial support granted by the US Ambassador in BiH, and spoke with them about the position of women and the possibiltiies to overcome the problems that they are facing.

Among other, organisations emphasised the need for a more efficient combat against voiolence targeting women, socio-economic empowerment of women and building of their leadership skills. The aspect of women's political engagement was particularly analysed, as well as necessity of their further sensitizing related to addressing of problems, whose consequences are in most part affecting women in BiH.

Ambassador Verveer emphasised the American Government's support to all the strategically oriented civil society organisations, and expressed her appreciation for the results they are achieving in the field of protecting and promoting women's rights in BIH. Ambassador pointed to the need of further economic empowerment of women as well as building of leadership skills, and she invited organisations to act in that direction. The Ambassador's wife, Ms. Danuta Moon, contributed considerably to the discussion, drawing attention to the importance of networking among NGOs and cooperation with government officials with a view to identify sustainable solutions for the improvement of women's position in BiH.