A research on the forms of corruption started at the faculties of Tuzla University

As part of the project ''Introducing anticorruption measures at universities in BiH'' which is being implemented by Vesta Association in partnership with OKC from Banja Luka, a research on the forms of corruption in higher education started in Tuzla. The research is being implemented by the Kronauer Consulting agency from Sarajevo.

The research will involve 500 students. In the most recent period, students of the following faculties took part in the research: Faculty of Economy, Faculty of Education-Rehabilitation, Faculty of Pharmacy and Faculty of Technology. Students of the Academy of Arts (Drama), sadly, refused to take part in the research, because of their reportedly bad earlier experiences with research on corruption.

The research continues in the week of 9 February among students of the Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Mining-Geology-Construction. We are inviting the students to take part in this research, aimed at determining to what extent the students are aware of the forms of corruption in higher education, and are they ready to join in the combat against this damaging social phenomenon.