Internews Network supported the project of Vesta Association ''Strengthening local independent portals in North-Eastern BiH''

Internews Network in Bosnia and Herzegovina has allocated the second round of small grants aimed at strengthening independent media in BiH. Supported projects include those of investigative journalism and online innovation, as these two fields are given special attention within the SIM project, with a view to strengthen media environment in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In the field of online media and new media technologes and innovation, the following projects were approved: Multiplatform production of news and media content (eFM Student Radio Sarajevo), CivicIT & Engage Minds/online and offline space for socially responsible journalism and innovation (Oneworld – Platform for South-Eastern Europe), Strengthening local independent portals in North-Eastern Bosnia (Vesta), Page for truth / Open space for listening, truth and reconciliation (Radio Pan and Radio Osvit), How women impact confidence building and reconciliation in BiH (Radio ZOS) and Strengthening of online capacities (Slobodna Bosna).

Support to implementation of research journalism projects was given to: Political magazine Dossier (ATV Banja Luka), What do citizens do when health care staff are on strike (Novi Radio Bihać), Failed privatisation (Start BH), Systematic destruction of economic entities in the privatisation process (Hasan Hadžić).

Grants were allocated within the project „Strengthening independent media“ (SIM) which is being implemented since December 2010 with the support of USAID, with a view to strengthen media environment in BiH, through development of capacities of regulatory and self-regulating institutions, improvement of legislation pertaining to media, improvement of safety and independence of expert journalists, and development of on-line media, new media technologies and innovation.

It is anticipated that, over a five-year period of project duration, using 1 million dollars for the program of small grants, research journalism, innovative ideas for new media, advocacy projects, study trips and scholarship projects will be supported.

The call for project proposals is open year round, with quarterly reviews of received proposals. More information on grant opportunities is available at the web site