Bosnian lessons for the global security presented in Tuzla – Promotion of the book by Swanee Hunt

Tuzla Municipality and Vesta Association hosted at the Ismet Mujezinović Attelier a promotion of the book ˝Worlds apart, Bosnian lessons for the global security ˝ by the author, former USA Ambassador to BiH, Swanee Hunt. Many visitors, who decided to spend their Sunday afternoon at the Attelier, learned more about the part of this book that talks about the well intended foreign policy establishment that often does not hear the voices of common people. It is focused on the conflict in Bosnia, as well as its implications on each situation that calls for consideration of a military intervention on humanitarian basis.

The objective of this book is primarily to share experiences of its friends, Bosnians, with the rest of the world. „The book's message is very strong“. I learned six lessons from, primarily, the lesson about stereotypes, and support to allies that we can fin din this area. We can not accept the idea that people can not live together because they are different. It is very important to intervene and recognise a mistake. Important lessons can be learned from the tragedy of Bosnia, that would be even greater if this experience is not used, to prevent other tragedies and genocides in other countries ˝, said Hunt, who was primarily guided by the Dayton Peace Accdords while working on this book.

Today's promotion which was, indeed, much more than a typical book promotion, was also an opportunity for the citizens of Tuzla to exchange with Swanee Hunt their experiences from the times of conflict and the post-conflict period, to date. After Tuzla, the book will be presented to the readers in Sarajevo.