Anticorruption workshops in Tuzla as well

On producing of the program of anticorruption measures and combatting corruption at Universities

At the Faculty of Law of Tuzla University, the first anticorruption workshop was held on Friday 23 March 2012. This was the first of the planned ten workshops at Tuzla University. Anticorruption workshops are being held as part of the project „Introducing anticorruption measures at universities in BiH“, which is being implemented by Vesta Association in partnership with OKC Banja Luka. The purpose of the workshop was to present to students the basic information about corruption, from legal and economic perspective, its causes and consequences, harm that corruption causes to development of a society, and all this with focus on corruption in higher education.

More than 30 participating students have had an opportunity to also hear the preliminary results of the research which was conducted by Vesta Association at the Universities in Tuzla and Banja Luka, among 1500 respondents. Through a number of practical examples from our daily life, workshop participants were recognising corruptive behaviour, and giving their proposals for anticorruption measures in higher education.

The workshop was interactive, and, based on the students' evaluations, this theme was very interesting to them. Most students said that they were motivated by this workshop to learn more about anticorruption. They also expressed their interest in participating in the next planned workshops.

Anticorruption workshops at the University in Banja Luka

Anticorruption workshops are taking place simultaneously also with students of Banja Luka University. The objective of the total 20 workshops, 10 in Tuzla and 10 in Banja Luka is to obtain from students, as well as professors, as direct acters in the education process, proposals for elements that they wish to be a part of the Program of anticorruption measures.

This Program is also the overall objective of the project, so that both Universities will have a produced instrument, offered to them for adoption, with proposed measures for prevention of corruption, identification of corruptive behaviour, reporting and processing of corruption cases in higher education.

By doing so, Vesta Association wishes to contribute not only to the further development of a quality education system, equal for all in terms of rights and opportunities, but also to the opening of a wider social dialogue on the harm that corruption causes for the further development of BiH society.

A series of a total of 10 workshops with students at Tuzla University will be finalised by mid May. The following is the planned timing of the workshops:

Faculty of Sports - 13 April at 14.00h

Faculty of Law-Panel Discussion - 17 April at 10.00h

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering - 19 April – exact time to be confirmed

Faculty of Mining, Geology and Construction Engineering - 20 April at 13.00h

By the end of April, two more workshops are planned to take place at the Faculty of Economy. Students will be informed in time about the exact date. Students may contact students' associations at their respective faculties, and Vesta Association as the organiser, to obtain more information.