Students know little about corruption and do not recognise its forms

Tuzla: Panel discussion held on corruption in higher education

Vesta Association and the Association of Students of Tuzla University's Faculty of Law organized on Tuesday 17. April 2012, a panel discussion on the theme ˝Forms of corruption in higher education ˝. The objective of this workshop was to share with students the key information about corruption, its causes and consequences for the society's development, with focus on corruption in higher education.

The research carried out by Vesta Association, among 1.500 respondents, students of Tuzla and Banja Luka Universities, showed that students know a little about corruption and do not recognise all of its forms. This was the basis for implementation of the project ˝Introducing anticorruption measures at universities in BiH˝, initiated by Vesta Association in cooperation with Omladinski komunikativni centar from Banja Luka.

Participants of the panel discussion agreed that anticorruption measures inu se to date are inefficient, and that there is insufficient willingness to implement anticorruption measures. ˝The most significant preliminary results show that students do not have enough knowledge about corruption, and that they are prepared to combat corruption only as part of a group, not individually, given their fear of consequences if their identity is not protected ˝, said project assistant Sabina Nadžaković, who invited citizens to visit the web site where they can obtain many useful and interesting information.

By the end of April 2012, four more workshops with students are to take place, at the Tuzla University's Faculties of Economy, Mining and Geology, Mechanical Engineering and Philosophy. This will be the end of a cycle of 10 workshops in Tuzla and in Banja Luka, respectively.