Representatives of marginalized groups of women in Tuzla Municipality are drawing attention to their problems and needs on the f

Space has been provided on the frequencies of Vesta Radio to representatives of six groups of marginalized women from Tuzla municipality, to point to the difficulties they are facing in their daily lives, and to give their recommendations how to address them at the municipal level. Prior to these radio shows, a training was held on public advocacy and media relations. All these activities are taking place within the project “Our radio-Our voice”, funded by the Canadian Christian organization WACC.

During April 2012, Vesta Radio’s guests were representatives of retired women, women from the association of blind and sight-impaired persons, and indirectly women victims of domestic violence. During May 2012, Vesta Radio will also host women with disabilities, yong women in sport, and unemployed women over forty years of age, who will also have the opportunity to raise issues of concern to them. The said radio shows are broadcasted on Tuesdays and Thursdays within the morning program.

Vesta Association is hoping, by means of this project too, to contribute to an improved position of women in Tuzla Municipality.