In addition to local community's engagement, farmer sin Brčko District are also expecting major support from the state

On Thursday 26 April 2012 Vesta organised in Brčko District a presentation and a panel discussoin on European initiatives for development of rural communities. The objective of this presentation and discussion was to contribute to a better understanding of the EU, its rural development policies and programs, as well as benefits for canddiate and potential candidate countries, and member countries of the EU.

The presentation was attended by 67 representatives of Brčko District government, local communities, farmers' cooperatives, producers, NGOs, media. Participants were informed of advantages of BiH's getting closer to the EU, especially as it related to development of agriculture and of rural communities, and investments in rural development projects. On this occasion, they presented their own opinions about advantages of adjusting to EU standards in the development of agriculture, and discussed the possibilities to promote agricultural and rural development of Brčko.