Introduction to concrete solutions and good practices in the gender equality policies in Sweden

Study visit to Sweden

The study visit to Sweden was realised in June 2012, within the ongoing project 'Strengthening civil society in gender equality policies at the local level in the countries of the Western Balkans, financed by the European Union and implemented by the partner organisations from Serbia, Montenegro and BiH (SeConS, Women's Action, EDA and VESTA), all in the framework of the Multi-IPA programme of cross-border cooperation. It was aimed at introduction to the Swedish policies of gender equality, gender mechanisms and gender mainstreaming (GM) at the levels of municipalities, regions and state policies.

The representative of the Vesta Association in this study visit was Ms. Indira Prljaca, our programme manager. Apart from representatives of the partner CSOs, the delegates of government structures, gender mechanisms from Serbia and Montenegro and BiH entity-level gender Centers took part in the visit.

The main goal of the visit was to get the participants familiar with the concrete solutions, good practices and gender equality policies in Sweden. During the visit, the participants were introduced to the roles of the local government, political parties and CSOs in the process of development of gender equality policies.