Presented results of the Research of citizens' satisfaction with public services in Tuzla municipality

Results of the research 'Analysing citizens' satisfaction with public services in Tuzla municipality', conducted by the Association Vesta, with support of the Centre for promotion of civil society, Sarajevo and BiH Open Society Fund, were presented in Municipality of Tuzla. The research is based on interviews undertaken with 1.217 households in 40 local communities in Tuzla municipality.

According to Mr. Alem Sinanovic, the Vesta's project coordinator, the research results indicated to the Tuzla authorities which public service the citizens are least satisfied with, where improvements would be necessary and based on that, create their public policies aimed at improvement of citizens' quality of life. At the same time, the authorities could learn about the services the citizens are most satisfied with. The research aims at the local problems solving through the use of the PULS methodology, which is based on collection and analysis of the citizens' subjective views on 16 key public services