Association VESTA – member of WIDE network

Directress of the Association VESTA participated in Annual Conference "Feminist Visions for a Just Europe" hosted by WIDE network and Dutch Gender Platform that took place on 9th to 11th October 2008. The Conference allow women from Western, Central and Eastern Europe and from the global South to come together and not just share their experiences, but to think critically through alternatives, to learn actively, and to network themselves in a supportive space, building alliances for change.

More than 200 participants from all over the world came to the Hague to share their visions on current global recession viewed through the lens of women´s rights and gender justice. Special attention was paid on creation of new political spaces for alternative feminist visions of Europe's role in managing of global economic market that will better serve for the interests of women and men living in Western, Central and Eastern Europe as well as in the global South. In that respect, WIDE Annual Conference this year examined the impacts of EU policies related to development, trade, peacekeeping and/or migration on women in Europe and neighboring countries.


Presentations and workshops enabled participants to deepen their understanding on how ongoing reforms on trade, financial mechanisms, and development are interlinked, and offered them a unique opportunity for debate, discussion and collaboration built from diverse experiences and perspectives on women's rights and gender equality, as well, strong critiques of global development and trade architecture.


The WIDE Annual Assembly has met on the last day of the Conference, and all current members accepted application of Association Vesta to join the Network and became its full member.