Start of the realization of the project “Gender sensitization of budgets as the basis for recognition of women’s rights in BIH”

Association VESTA from Tuzla, in partnership with Udružene žene from Banja Luka, is embarking on the realization of the project “Gender sensitization of budgets as part of the reform changes towards European integration and the basis for improving the recognition of women’s rights in BIH,” aiming to contribute to strengthening of the civil society’s role in the promotion of human rights and democratic reforms in BIH, in accordance with the regulations of the process of European integration.

The project activities will be carried out on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina during 2010 and 2011 through financial support from the European Union as part of the programme European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR).

The project is specifically directed to improving the status of women by ensuring better recognition of newly-delivered mothers’ human rights in BIH through the participation and coordinated action of civil society organizations in the process of gender sensitization of budgets at entity and cantonal levels. To that effect, Association VESTA, in cooperation with the partner organization and the active participation of several other non-governmental organizations, media, government officials from the financial department and members of gender equality commissions at entity and cantonal levels, will carry out numerous activities which should result in the following changes:

• adoption of the joint Action Plan for improving the status of newly-delivered mothers in BIH through the process of fender sensitization of entity and cantonal budgets

• initiation of parliamentary procedures at entity and cantonal levels (in the Federation of BIH) towards changing and amending the existing legislation and its consistent implementation for the purpose of encouraging the process of gender sensitization of budgets in the part regarding the right of newly-delivered mothers to financial benefits during maternity leave

• strengthened capacities of the KRIK network of civil society organizations and socially responsible media, which is devoted to improving the recognition of women’s and children’s rights in BIH

The evident gender unresponsiveness of budgets further reinforces gender discrimination, and the women in BIH suffer from it the most during this vulnerable period of their lives. In order to ensure quality dialogue which will result in some concrete steps towards improving their condition, understanding and cooperation among the representatives of governmental institutions and the civil society, and their active participation in the planned project activities which will take place at entity and cantonal levels will be necessary.

For all additional information please contact:

• Amra Selesković, director of Association VESTA: tel. 035 36 36 91; e-mail

• Marijana Ivaković, project coordinator: tel. 035 36 36 90; e-mail