The realization of the exhibition “Children’s rights, my message to the grown-ups”

Marking the International Children’s Day, November 20th (Friday), as part of the three-day campaign “One day is not enough,” Association Vesta from Tuzla, with the help of the European Commission Delegation, organized an exhibition of children’s art on the topic “Children’s rights, my message to the grown-ups” in the “Sjenjak” primary school in Tuzla.

“We wish to raise the awareness of the public and the political structures about the current state of the recognition of children’s rights in BIH and the need for establishing institutional mechanisms for taking care of children’s rights. One of the numerous activities is the today’s exhibition of children’s art created by students from 15 elementary schools from six towns in BIH on the topic “Children’s rights, my message to the grown-ups.” All children who sent their contribution will be awarded a book and a letter of gratitude, while each of the schools will receive a camera and a letter of gratitude for their participation in their project,” said Ms. Selma Hukić, project coordinator at Association Vesta from Tuzla.

Taking into consideration the complex governmental system in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the fact that the country faces numerous obstacles during its transition process, the dedication of preserving children’s rights is on the margins of the decision processes. In order to successfully protect the rights of children, it is very important to observe all forms of their infringement and duly react through competent institutions, because children whose basic needs are not satisfied and who are exposed to various forms of violence and abuse are proven to grow up with considerable behavioural disorders and emotional problems.

Findings of the research which we conducted last year and which the school advisor and I publicly disclaimed revealed the existence of violence and bullying in the “Sjenjak” primary school. I am certain that bullying exists in all other schools and that school representatives who claim that there is no bullying in their schools are much mistaken. Peer violence is our reality and we must dedicate ourselves to preventive action,” said Mr. Damir Džafić, director of the “Sjenjak” primary school.

“I can assure you that the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of the Tuzla Canton supports Association Vesta’s campaign, which aims to inform and encourage the public to react to this, in my opinion, acute problem. In addition, I would like to thank the host, the “Sjenjak” primary school for their invaluable help during the realization of this campaign, but also the other primary schools which received their prizes today,” said Mr. Elmir Tukić, senior aide at the Ministry of Education, Science, culture and Sports in the Government of the Tuzla Canton.

Children are the most vulnerable group that needs protection, and the humanity must provide children with only the best. Children do not need sympathy, but effective, professional and timely protection, which has to be organized as part of an efficient governmental system.