Ten best essays awarded with a prize of 100 KM each

At a ceremony in Tuzla, Association Vesta and the Tuzla Youth Foundation gave out letters of gratitude and one-time 100 KM prizes to high school and university students whose essays on the topic “The youth and gender equality in BIH” were selected as the ten best.

The essays were selected according to how well they promoted the values of equality between young men and women in BIH. Through these essay awards, Association Vesta wanted to address the perceptible lack of awareness of the notion of gender and gender equality in the BIH society and to contribute to the promotion of equal rights for all genders.

“The essay awards on the topic “The youth and gender equality in BIH” were realized as part of the project “Gender, youth and the media,” which is implemented by Association Vesta from Tuzla in cooperation with the Tuzla Youth Foundation, and through the support of UNIFEM BIH. The total of about 20 essays were submitted, from which ten were selected as the best and awarded with a one-time prize of 100 KM,” said Ivana Eraković, the project coordinator.

“I am glad that Association Vesta organized something like this, because I believe that there should be more public discussion on the issue of gender equality among young people,” in the words of Denis Sadiković, a student at the Department of Geography at the University of Tuzla. “My motivation to write the essay was the fact that young people with access to the Internet will have an opportunity to read some of our essays and thus learn some basics about gender, i.e. my view of gender, and be informed about several stereotypes and prejudice about gender,” Nina Zupan, a matriculant of the Faculty of Philosophy in Tuzla, told us.

Gender (from Latin genus) is a developmental concept whose purpose is to recognize the interests and needs of women and men alike. Gender programmes aim to implement these principles in all aspects of the society (economic, political, cultural, social) for equal benefit of women and men. It is wrong to believe that the gender mechanism is a means for recognizing only the rights of women.