British Council program ''Active citizens'' in Tuzla

Vesta Association, with the financial support of the British Council in BIH, is implementing in Tuzla the British Council's ''Active citizens'' project. It is related to inter-cultural dialogue and global social networking. The program's visino is a Word in which young people are recognising their potential and engaging, together with others, to achieve reconciliation and development at both local and international level.

Program „Active citizens“ has four elements

Workshops for youth, in three interactive modules, covering themes such as identity, social participation, efficient management of differences, communication skills, planning and implementation of projects. The program encourages young people to become and remain active in their communities, to gain a unique experience which will help them develop their leadership and intercultural skills. Successful participants will become motivators for continued work in their respective community.

• Schedule for these workshops is as follows: 5.-7. March 2012. and 27.-29. March 2012.

• Motivators are carrying out cascading workshops with groups of participants in their local community or organisation.

• Motivators and participants are developing project proposals of social action, whcih will be submitted to local commuities as creative solutions to existing problems. The British Council with partners will support the most successful project proposals.

• International networking will be an opportunity for participants to become a part of the international conference of Active Citizens, and members o fan international network of Active Citizens.

Partnership approach

British Council is implementing the Active Citizens project in more than 30 countries world wide, in cooperation with local partners. The following are achievements in BiH to date:

• 65 Motivators from more than 30 communities

• More than 400 participants in cascading workshops

• More than 300 volunteers in 16 projects

• 24 study visits/exchanges from BiH with other participating countries.

You may find more information and express your interest to participate in the program at the British Council, or by calling Vesta Association at 035 36 36 01, and applications may be sent by email to: