Although they represent majority voters in BiH, women are still, to a considerably lesser extent, participating in the decision making processes at all levels of government. Lack of awareness in the society about the importance of equal participation of women and men in the political life of democratic BiH is discouraging. This was stated at the round table on the theme „Gender equality-challenges and key issues for the future˝ which was held in Tuzla, organised by Vesta Association and the Fridrich Ebert Foundation.


Vesta Association is a member of the Initiative ''For a fair education in BiH'', aimed at raising awareness on the current situation in education, long term applications and the need for a change, so as to improve the current education practices in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


The situation in which new government was not formed even five months following the general elections, can no longer be tolerated, said the EU High Representative and the EU Special Representative Valentin Inzko at the presentation of the second phase of „Citizens for Europe“ Initiative in Sarajevo.


Vesta Association from Tuzla, in cooperation with n.g.o. Udružene žene Banja Luka, held a two-day training in Sarajevo on gender responsible budgeting. The training was implemented as part of the project Gender responsible budgeting as part of reform changes on the road to EU integration and the basis for strengthening women's rights in BiH. This project is supported by the European Union.


Vesta Association received a Recognition "A respected ambassador of environment " of the Bells Movement in BiH, whose national coordinator for BiH is the Centre for Environment and Energy Tuzla, for its considerable contribution to activities aimed at preservation and protection of environment in BiH, and for its support to the BELLS movement. The Recognition was received by Amra Selesković, trusting that Vesta will continue to work toward addressing of problems in this field.


Association Vesta from Tuzla organized an Open Parliament in the Bosnian Cultural Centre of Tuzla for the representatives of civil society organizations from the area of the Tuzla Canton active in the protection of women’s and children’s rights, and the representatives of governmental institutions which are competent to improve their status in the society.


Association Vesta from Tuzla and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation from Sarajevo organized a round table in Tuzla on the topic “Political involvement of BH women and religion as an integral part of today’s politics.”Numerous male and female members of political parties and non-governmental organizations from Tuzla took part in the Round table. The keynote speakers were Ms. Smiljana Vovna, sociologist, and Professor Srđan Vukadinović.