Save The Children in cooperation with the Network for the promotion of inclusive education "Inkluziv" is launching a campaign for the promotion of inclusive education in B&H. Association Vesta, which is a member of the Network for the promotion of inclusive education "Inkluziv," is going to be actively involved in its activities in the period to come, all for the purpose of serving the interests of the child.


For two years running, Association Vesta is an active member of the European Citizen Action Service - ECAS.
As part of their cooperation, Association Vesta and ECAS are organizing a Conference "Civil dialogue of children's and women's rights in B&H," to be held on June 25th in Sarajevo.


Association Vesta in partnership with the Oneworld Foundation- Platform for Southeast Europe is going to realize a project Civil dialogue for children's and women's rights in B&H with the aim to contribute to the process of strengthening the capacities of the civil society and the governmental institutions for establishing civil dialogue for improving the condition of women and children in BiH. The project will be realized on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina during 2009 and 2010 with financial support from the European Union as part of the programme European Initiative for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR).


A public debate on the topic "Promoting sustainable development through achieving energy efficiency" was organized in Tuzla by Association Vesta, under the auspices of the EU Special Representative (EUSR) and the Embassy of the Czech Republic and in cooperation with the Directorate for European Integration BiH.


Association Vesta is granted means by UNIFEM for implementation of the project Preventing violence against girls and promotion of gender equality values among adolescents whose main goal is to contribute to the better understanding of youth needs and problems related to the issue of adolescent dating violence and the establishment of mechanisms for preventive action and the suppression of violence in such relationships. Broadly speaking, this goal is concerned with primary prevention and addresses the very root of the problem of violence against women.


Investing in the promotion of the cooperation between the media, the local authorities and minority returnees is relevant and extremely significant at this moment in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


After the successful implementation of the project "Campaign for the prevention of occurrences of bullying among elementary school children," Vesta signed a new contract with the delegation of the European Commission in Bosnia and Herzegovina as part of the EIDHR programme. The new project is part of the wider programme of Association Vesta entitled "Civil dialog for women's and children's rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina."