A public disussion on the draft state Strategy for combating violence against children in BiH 2011-2014, was held on January 30, in Sarajevo, in the organisation of the BiH Ministry for Human Rights and Refugees. Amongst the participants of the public discussion were the representatives of the Strategy Working Group, the relevant state, entities' and Brcko District ministries/ institutions, international organisations.


Representatives of Vesta Association, Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees BiH and the Network of organisations ''Stronger voice for children'' held a working meeting on 30 January 2012 at the Ministry in Sarajevo. Steps were agreed in this meeting for a quality and more applicable way of producing the Protocol for monitoring of the Strategy to combat violence against children in BiH 2011-2014, which is in its final stages.


Within the project „Introducing anti-corruption measures at Universities in BiH“, funded by DEU BiH through IPA fund, Vesta Association's Project staff met on 21 January 2012 in Sarajevo with heads of the state Agency for prevention of corruption and coordination of combating corruption. Representatives of Vesta Association briefly presented the project so that Agency's representatives are aware of project activities and their objective.


On 18 January 2012, at the Rectorate of Banja Luka University, the MoU was signed between Vesta Association, OKC Banja Luka and University in Banja Luka.


Vesta Association from Tuzla, in partnership with Udružene žene Banja Luka has implemented a series of activities in recent months, with a view to integrate gender responsible budgeting into the budgeting process at all levels of government, and to improve the position of newly delivered mothers in Bosnia and Herzegovina. These activities are a part of the project Gender responsible budgeting as part of reform changes on the path of EU integrations and the basis for improvement of the position of women.


Strengthening the role of civil society organisations in monitoring the national Strategy to combat violence against children 2011-2014 in BiH

During the meeting held in Sarajevo, which was attended by representatives of Ministry for Human Rights and Refugees (MHRR), Vesta's project associate, and Vesta Association as the implementer, participants discussed the progress achieved in project implementation in 2011, priorities, and plans for the current project year.


Vesta Association is imeplementing an EU project

Vesta Association started implementing activities within the project „Panel discussions on European initiatives for development of rural communities“. The project's objective is to contribute to a better understanding of the EU, its policies and programs, as well as benefits of EU member countries in this respect.